Emotional Blackmail

Office Door at around 5 in the evening. MD told A1 that the tree near the door was dying, so A1 had some chinese guy come to cut it but he totally butchered it instead. And it wasn’t remotely dead. But it’s recovering now and just looks like it’s having a bad hair day.

I offered to send A2 a postcard the other day (I had one spare of the 9/10 I was sending, and he said likes getting postcards)

A2, who is still mildy offended that I won’t add him on Facebook said teasingly,

..Maybe he didn’t want to give me his personal home address…it’s too private…maybe he needs to keep them separate….

Then I ever so considerately offered to send it to the office instead, so of course, he relented. (If he’s letting fake deaf people in his house, I knew he wasn’t going to withhold his postal address.)

So on his I wrote,

“I thought it might be funny if all I wrote on this postcard was work related stuff.

Like project notes, spec document notes and things to do.

But I won’t.

Instead I’ll tell you a really lame joke –

I saw a Greek man rubbing garlic and chickpeas into himself – he was a hummusexual”

(Joke stolen from CCJL the 2.)

I refused to add A1 to Facebook either (I offered to add him on limited). He was also a bit surprised. (I feel bad, but not bad enough that I’d add them. Look, I don’t want to get fired, OK?)

P. was giggling, thrilled at this little workplace stand-off, and Frenchie, (who I think agreed with me) probably has everyone on limited anyway (quite rightly).

It’s a bloody minefield this ‘friending’ business.

If you don’t say anything, people ask “Hey, why can’t I see your wall?”, and if you do make it clear you won’t be putting them on the regular FB feed, but they’ll be on the limited, highly censored one, then there’s all this awkward emotional blackmail.

Whaddyado?? Block me in retaliation, I don’t care. It’s a fricking virtual wall! And don’t give me Bambi eyes!

A2 said to A1 “Can you believe it? She won’t add me on Facebook!”

A1 says “Of course she won’t add you. We spend all day together…”

I like that he’s trying to make excuses for me, because then at least I won’t have to.

I say “Look, I haven’t even added my family or my brother…”

The sub-text is: Please don’t take this personally. I just can’t add you. I need some boundaries in my life. And don’t feel bad…See? I do this to my family also. (As it is, Leo has to be my Blog Ofcom to stop me from writing dangerous posts.)

A1 then said something to A2 I didn’t quite catch, but I heard A2 respond with

“Oh… yeah….we’ve done that already”

So I gather he meant the time we went to Frenchie’s place and smoked one together.

A2 is a full-on chiller. (yay)

If he wasn’t half my boss (A1 is the other half) I’d definitely add him.


4 thoughts on “Emotional Blackmail

  1. I thought about joining fb today. I got as far as making a fake profile with a fake name and then I got so utterly boggled by the amount of account and privacy settings that I was forced to deactivate the whole thing before I had a heart attack and thought that someone I didn’t want to see me might see me. I need to have a lay down…

  2. I’m with you on the boundary requirement. It’s a big pain, when you have these friendship requests coming through and it’s not always you want to blindly click on “Accept” really.

    FB is a tad bit edgy I think.

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