Ten Little ….


One of the vintage Agatha Christie’s I happened to buy in my ebay lot was a book called “Ten Little N*****s”

Eventually this came to be known as “And then there were none”.  A far more politically correct title.

But I have the un-PC version from the 70’s (cover above, I love finding pre-PC books).

I picked it up of the top of my box of books thinking I’d read it, but decided to read another.

So I leant it to this girl at work, who said she loved Agatha Christie books.

She was reading it on the tube and noticed this black guy, giving her evils.

Hardly surprising – She is blond, blue-eyed and German.

It’s highly unlikely I’d have noticed that, but MD gleefully pointed it out.


6 thoughts on “Ten Little ….

  1. Ha, think I read this last night when I was drunk, then saw it again today and had a very trippy dejavu moment… Then I just wondered if I’d left poorly spelled comments all over your blog because I definitely remember trying to type something, somewhere…. Hmmm. There’s a mystery – get Aggy onto that!!

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