MSN flirting continues

I can no longer remember what it was like to have warm feet

Just got in from work and my fingers are totally numb from cold and I’m still blogging. Arnt I devoted?

The ex has been going horse riding is this bloody arctic weather. I’m so not an outdoor person.

The ex does look very good in the horsey gear. The breeches with the jacket with the elbow patches and the crop and the helmet. So cute. Also a tad like the hero on a BC book cover. The heroes are always in breeches. I’m not sure why.

I bought the ex a little white chef’s outfit with name embroidered on the chest as well. Double cute.

Someone has invited me ice-skating on Saturday and I foolishly said yes, then I thought about the cold, the ice, the cold, falling, the cold and now I think no, no. that sounds cold. Now, I’m facing some peer pressure. I shouldn’t say yes when I mean maybe. (Although I did say  “lets play it by ear” a lot.)

The other day I emailed something to A3’s (the app developer in Beijing, A3, who I occasionally flirt with on msn) personal Hotmail account because the email client was bouncing (seriously who uses Hotmail anymore? It’s so 90’s. As bad as ICQ. If you don’t know what I’m talking it about then you’ll never know, you’ll never know.)

A3 types “You sent it to my personal account?!!!”

There were a lot of exclamation points and question marks.

“Oh I’m sorry, but all my other emails to your work email are bouncing”

Slightly confused. Was this a major faux pas I stumbled into? The exclamations threw me.

“Well, we will just have to be friends now”, responds A3

This was a curve ball I hadn’t expected. (I shouldn’t use Americanization’s like ‘curve ball’; What the hell do I know about baseball. But I can’t help it. I watch too much USA TV. It has all seeped into my fragile, soft brain.)

“Done deal” I say, relieved.


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