Monica Galetti Gay

Monica Galetti's Lazer Eyeball

Monica Galetti’s Lazer Eyeball

This is the most searched for term used to find for my blog. (So proud)

People still seem to be obsessed with Monica Galetti’s apparent gayness, even though Masterchef ended a while ago. (When I say people I mean like a steady trickle of about 2-3 a week).

Although admittedly, I have also frantically googled…

“Is Monica Galetti gay??”

…while watching Masterchef.

I’m very susceptible to the stereotype of the short-haired-angry-woman-lesbian.

Besides all those faces she makes

I’m sorry, but I just can’t help it. It seems to be hard-wired in my brain.

My gaydar goes all over the place for short-haired, angry women.

For example, when I look at those trendy Shoreditch girls with their “cool” (fake) glasses, vintage indie clothing and funky do’s – well, it’s confusing! (Sometimes teenage boys too)

I was discussing this with A4. the other day and we decided that we ought to make the Shoreditch girls badges saying

“Not lesbians. Just hipsters.”

It would be a public service, especially in these difficult, sexually ambivalent times.

Anyway, to anybody who has found this blog while googling “Monica Galetti gay”, I can confirm from my earlier intensive research that she is from New Zealand, I believe she is Samoan (could be wrong), and…..married to a man.

Here is a more accurate link. She has a baby. That made me lose interest a bit.

Disappointing, I know. But there you go. Whaddayagonnado?

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