My Drugs Hell

4 Twilight books

In order to fund my little ‘habit‘ I have now taken to selling things. This was the first of my lots. Lets just hope things don’t spiral even more out of control and I take to nicking things like some crackhead.

I never thought the day would come when I would sell a book. It totally goes against my hoarders grain.

I took photos of the items in the living room. The spot lighting in the living room is great for ambiance but terrible for taking photos because the shadows fall in multiple directions.

I ‘arrrggggh!!”-ed out loud more than once.

The second will be a set of 7 duplicate Barbara Cartland’s including her crappy ass book of poems. I don’t do poems. (Unless its Tim Burton and even then…no I really don’t do poems. At least I wouldn’t keep a book of them)

The third lot will be my roller blades + elbow guards + knee guards that my Mom made me buy.

The Twilight books sold way too cheap and I underestimated the postage. I was so not cut out for business. Arrggggh!

This is what happens kids, when you start a stupid collection.

Count: 187


Deranged comments preferred

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