Healthy Competition

A2 like me seems to really enjoy post, so I sent him a postcard, (which he said really disturbed him and his gf. He said he was worried to come to work with a psycho) and he sent me one when he was in Dubai which was pretty nice. Good stamp too.

A1 tried to send me some from China but forgot to post them. So then he took them back to give it to the China team, but they forgot to post them so I have no idea where the postcards are now. Shame

A2 has watched all the parcels and boxes of books I’ve got with some excitement and if I may say so, a bit enviously. He said I’m hogging the post. The other day I got my last box of BC books and he said

“You can’t not open it! You have to see whats in it!”

Frenchie looks at me in horror and says

‘ow can you read zis and so many? Ze are so cheezy..?”

I nod “Yes. They all have to get married, be virgins and have babies. Not just one baby, many, many babies.”

“So opposite of you”


She shakes her head in disbelief, perhaps disgust. Which I find odd, because she did once say to me about having babies

“What else can you do with a vagina?”

So I thought she’d be totally down with the B’s logic on love, life and ladies.

On Friday A2 was buying all his Christmas presents online. Books in particular.

He asks me if I’ve heard of The Book People. (They sell super cheap books. Like cheaper than a charity shop.)

A1 asks me dryly If A2 and I are in some kind of competition.


Deranged comments preferred

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