Feel like designing an iPhone or iPad app?

Did you see the ‘Fart’ app and think, hell I can do one better than that!

Then I’ll be a billionaire!

Feel like making your very own amazing, one-of-a-kind, never-seen-before wunderkind app?

Do you dream of setting the tech world ablaze with your genius?

Well here’s a couple of PSD templates with all the bits and bobs, that I didn’t make from some guys I don’t really know anything about.

You can tell this is a highly researched post.

Go forth and do it!

It’s a very handy template, completely editable from teehan+lax

Download the iPhone Template here

iPad PSD Template

iPhone is not up-do-date enough for you? Not trendy enough?

Are all the ‘cool’ slebs using iPads now?

George Dubya says he loves him some iPad (he likes to press shiny-shiny buttons that Dubya) so now you want one too?

Well don’t fret. Theres also a PSD template for the iPad.

You don’t even need an iPad to design for the iPad. Heck you don’t even need an iPhone (I should know). As long as you pretend you’ll be fine. Fake it to make it baby. Just use words like ‘interface’ and ‘app’ and say ‘apple’ with a certain amount of awe. That’ll do.

Here, download the iPad template here

Development of an app costs £10,000 up. That’s the only, ever so tiny, problem.

But still, one can dream.


Deranged comments preferred

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