World War II Bomb on Tube Line

Just got evacuated from the tube at Edgware road. No tubes running from Edgware Road to Hammersmith

The tube driver announced this was due to the police.

Apparently there is an unexploded World War II bomb on the line at Goldhawks road.

My life is full of excitement and intrigue.

Considering I was late anyway this made an amazing excuse.

A gaggle of teenage girls with puffy jackets and gold hooped earrings were squealing slightly as we we’re booted off the tube.

They found the tube drivers slightly tired sounding announcement of a bomb being found on the line they take everyday slightly distressing.

Update 18 Dec: This is how big the news story was in the local papers. It was like well massive! 4 actual lines of copy. Amazing. Turned out to be a false alarm.


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