Typography Explorations for Travel Guides

Having studied illustration, by far the most jobless course ever created (No job post graduation but brilliant fun at the time), I know very little about typography.

In fact I widely shunned typography work at our end of year exhibitions. The typography crits were by far the most uninteresting crits in the world.

I just can’t fake enthusiasm for ligature and kerning. I really can’t.

But I’m warming to it, and I wish now, that I knew more. (Unfortunately I still find reading about it as deadly dull as I ever did. Really, kerning, I mean how interesting can that get? Or line spacing for that matter?)

The images below are for work, as part of a iPhone travel guide series of various cities. Originally started out as just pictures with a line or two of information about the place.

That evolved into quotes, and over time the fun of making them interesting to look at took over, and now I spend far too long on these at work.

Monaco, Moscow and Buenos Aires coming soon.

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4 thoughts on “Typography Explorations for Travel Guides

  1. Most promising, particularly Copenhagen 1.

    Maybe you read Just My Type by Simon Garfield (currently on offer in Waterstones or from the Guardian Bookshop). It’s not written by a typographer and consequently quite entertaining. Also touches upon Eric Gill’s penchant for incest and bestiality.

  2. thank you Martyn, being the type connoisseur you are thats very positive encouragement.
    I might re do Moscow & Monaco which are a bit lazy,
    thats a good book tip. I also like that flash website that predicted your personality type – i think i sent it to you? what was it again?

  3. That was What Type are You? by Pentagram – I’d forgotten about it but it’s mentioned in the book. I believe Simeon’s on to it as well.

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