London Update

I’ve been back dating my posts, it’s a bad habit. A hangover from my old blog. On the other hand, nothing much has happened in London.

A guy came in to talk about his medical marijuana company in california. He grows over 1000 plants in a warehouse. Anyone who has a medical card can ask a pharmacy to grow 16 plants per year for them.

I think a business card that had perforations to tear up and roll into roach would be great. I told my bosses that our business cards made great roach. They weren’t impressed with this information.

Oh yes, someone sent me 2 bars of chocolate for Christmas. Exciting. The packaging was lovely. I admired the typography. This shows you how far I’ve evolved. I never thought I’d admire typography.

It came with a note – a printed note, which didn’t have my name on it. But still, its always nice to get edibles in the post.

It said thank you for your hard work and shit. With a printed signature. The chocolate was covered in salt and pepper. It tasted odd to say the least, but I still ate both bars. I kept the packaging. Like I said, nice typography.

Below are some more photos of the building outside work. If I still had any ‘M.A.ness’ left I’d be time logging these photos precisely, but I’ve opted for a more humanist approah and just estimated the time when I’ve wandered out of the office for a smoke.

Also the months haven’t been arranged in order, (They are on my drive but I’m too lazy to be methodical right now)

Oh I forgot, we’re moving at the end of February. That essentially terminates this little side project.

Oct 10, Nov 10, Dec 10, Jan 11



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