Holding Hands

Our school, the glorious Jamnabai Charasvati, had a strict no touching policy regarding boys and girls. (back in the day anyway)

Apparently the teachers found that some shameless (haw!) boys and girls had been ‘doing things’ when they turned the lights off during the rehearsals for our Annual Day show. After that they never turned off the lights. They left them blazing on full power for over 2 hours of bhajans and various degrees of crappy dancing, singing and acting. Then there were more bhajans.

Cut to today, every time I go with the ex for a movie, I try to hold hands when the lights go off. I usually try sneaking my hand under the arm rest, but that wretched cold-hearted ex is having none of it. I get hissed at, then scowls and the ex’s arms remain firmly crossed for the duration of the entire movie.

Seriously, there is no relenting on this issue. Then I sulk a bit because I can’t believe that after 6-7 years I’m not allowed to hold hands in a darkened cinema. Like who cares? No one is looking anyway. And even if they are, who cares?

(I have no desire to hold hands elsewhere like on the tube or walking down a street, it’s just in the cinema.)

You know the yawn-and-stretch arm thing too.

Look, I just want to live the movie clichés while watching a movie, is that really so bad?


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