The Museum of Everything

No Photography. Penalty Equals Death

I took this photo as a protest on the ban on photos in the Museum of Everything.

Being forced to actually look at things with my living eyes instead of a digital camera screen? How very dare they! MaM was genuinely worried because another sign said

“No photography. Penalty = £1000”.

Admittedly, I also wondered if I took pictures would some guy say “Oi fork up a grand!”. Obviously I wouldn’t pay, but would there be a scene?

So this was a solid collection of tat. Part of Sir Peter Blake’s private collection – Mostly circus related things. Lots of midget photos, midget boots, circus posters, Punch and Judy sets, some outsider art (an ex war vet who would do these simple long stitch embroidered scenes, very odd and very inspiring) There’s not a great deal to say about it really. It was entertaining, visually. But you could hardly move without tripping over some posh tot-cum-stroller. Everywhere you look, people are breeding. *sigh*.

Walter Potter - The Lower Five Being Raided by Rat Cops

Walter Potter - Two Headed Lamb

MaM squealed and looked disgusted with Walter Potter’s collection of stuffed kittens, birds, puppies, hamsters, rats dressing in costume enacting little scenes. (They were both cute and morbid at the same time. Also why were farmers drowning so many poor little kittens?)

Then she told me lots of gossip. Which I love.  (BTW Morbid Anatomy: Interesting Website).

Then I made MaM stand in front of some shops to take photos. MaM is very good with my chronic photo taking. She used to be a model. So when I say

“ok another one, another one that last one looks bad…”

she patiently stands there. It has literally taken years to mellow the ex out enough to allow me to take photos. Even then, if I don’t get it right by the second time, the ex just walks off.

Every shop on Primrose hill has this vintage-retro-tatty-yet-designer look. It’s a look I have enjoyed, but has now becom rather ubiquitous. Shame. It’s essentially jumble sale tat, hocked up to ‘vintage’ prices.

That’s pretty much it. I’d love to add gossip to this post because MaM has amazing gossip. But I can’t. I’ll have to ask for permission.



One thought on “The Museum of Everything

  1. You’re too kind though I very much doubt my attempt to decipher the textual advances of a possible lesbian and as such figure out my own entry into the gay community would interest many people. The girl and I recently had an intriguing exchange concerning S&M, and there was a full two minute actual voice phone conversation which I was NOT prepared for but bravely picked up nonetheless. The boy meanwhile has been keboshed for being a dullard. I am looking for new entertainment – and hopefully more gossip for you!! When are we doing more artsy bumf? I think sexual nature at the natural history could be a winner. It might even give me some answers. Xx

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