CSM To Kill M.A. Illustration Course!

I am fucking outraged. This is a travesty.

They want to drop the illustration pathway from my old M.A. at Central St. Martins.

Got an email out of the blue from Foz, our illustration tutor and the subject of many posts on this blog, asking us to sign this petition to keep illustration as a separate course as opposed to just some cheap whorish add-on to the design course.

Fucking designers. Fucking bastard typographers.

You know what? I may have a ‘design’ job but at heart, I’m an illustrator, and I always will be. So fuck all you designers, I don’t fucking care about your fucking grid.

Fuck you, fuck your grid and fuck, fucking Helvetica! Fuck.

So there.

Now lets take a deep breath, and sign the petition below.


So this is what I wrote for the petition:

“First of all, I can’t imagine being stuck with a bunch on typographers and designers on the same course. All they care about is ligature and kerning. It’s ridiculous. It’s practically impossible to stay awake during a crit.

I would never have bothered applying for the course if illustration wasn’t its own pathway.

More seriously, it would be a huge mistake to drop this course. Even if my future career is not illustration, it really informed my thinking and approach to any brief/project. It was a fantastic course, largely due to the teaching from Foz & Gary.

I wish I could do another M.A. Keep it!”

Even if you are not from CSM or even an art student please sign this petition so those fucking idiotic bureaucrats don’t drop the best pathway off the M.A.

Design is fucking cold and dead. The course needs illustration.

I also learned from Martyn that the entire printing facilities – silkscreen, etching, everything – will be moved off the college campus to Archway.

Like that’s fucking convenient.

I mean it was hard enough to be able to print back when everything was in the same building, now the poor students have to trek all the way to Archway.

Failing all these things – no illustration – no print facilities, I would really advise all future applicants that they should not bother going to CSM after 2011. It would be entirely pointless. Anyone can stare at a screen and use Photoshop (look at me, living proof.)

You don’t need to fork out thousands of pounds for poor facilities and a lack of creative choices. Go to Falmouth or the Royal Academy or somewhere else for a proper art course.

The University of the Arts is fucked. There I said it.

Sign it. DO IT!


15 thoughts on “CSM To Kill M.A. Illustration Course!

  1. @ Fer: Crazy woman, he has emailed you, but it seems to be an old email. I will forward it. So jealous. (I would be also)

    @ VOB: Yeah…i kind of like them a bit….i’m feeling more calm now.

  2. Indeed Foz sent it to my old email.
    I didn’t comment anything when i signed the petition, I was too pissed off earlier about rich wankers exploiting us dumb artists/designers. Im still fuming….sight

  3. Without appearing to be affected by minor celebrity…
    I notice there are comments from a Jonny Hannah and a Paul Davis and a Russell Cobb. Which is nice…

  4. I signed it. I’m not sure why. Mainly because you seem so distressed about it all. But if anyone asks me what it’s all about I fear I may let the side down.

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