211. So beautiful. So magnificent. So... I'm at a loss for words. Click to view large.

That’s 211 Barbara Cartlands you’re looking at.

Yup, two hundred and eleven. Let me just spell it out. Let me savour it.

God just looking at it turns me on.

Then I think of the 512 I’m missing and I lose my hard on.

I was partly joking initially when I said it would be fun to hunt down and buy all 723 Barbara Cartland titles. I vaguely meant that I’d buy as many as I could and I guess that would be all.

Now my drawer is overflowing. I can’t do any work. I don’t feel like drawing anymore. I just want to read BC after BC.

A4. asked me if I was really going to spend over a grand on Barbara Cartlands. This was a bit of a reality check. I hadn’t really thought about it in terms of hard cold cash. I only feel my collection isn’t accelerating fast enough.

I have a bad feeling it might end up being more than a grand anyway.

Even if I buy all the books on eBay and amazon I don’t know if my count will go further than 500 or so. The last 200 BC’s are going to be really tough to track down.

It’s all getting a bit out of control.

Minimizing personal possessions to make room – I got rid of most of my shoes because they compete for space with my books. Books always trump shoes, which shows you my lack of perspective. I actually need some shoes.

The not drawing is worrying me the most. It screams lack of focus, lack of ambition. I have all these ideas, loads of plans, sketches, thumbnails for large drawings but I really can’t do anything besides read these damn books.

I’m supposed to finish some freelance work and I’ve procrastinated all morning instead.

I also just bought 9 more.

Fuck. What is wrong with me? Why do I get like this? Where is the moderation? But then lack of moderation is so much more exciting.

Just imagine how amazing it would look to have 723 Barbara Carland titles on shelf upon shelf. I can already see it, in my mind’s eye. Just towers and towers of Barbara Cartlands. Even as they are, unarranged and piled under my bed, the sheer quantity of them lined up haphazardly thrills me.

723 now, that would be truly impressive.

I can’t wait.


6 thoughts on “723

  1. So what is it about Barbara Cartlands that you love so much? I’ll admit, I’ve never even read one. I did get a bit obsessive about Enid Blyton in my youth; now it’s Stephen King! Emma

  2. not sure entirely. But i like the repetition of them, the period englishness, the un-political correctness (women weak, men strong etc) and the fact that a happy ending is guaranteed

  3. That’s quite impressive! I must admit, I’ve just been looking round the charity shops where I live and after you said something about my illustrations being like the ‘Romance genre’ I had a good look at every Mills & Boon I could find. I’ve even bought two! Not sure if I’ll read them though… Emma πŸ™‚

  4. oh I never read mills and boons. I read bits of one once and i didn’t like it it.
    its all about the sex and I don’t enjoy reading about “his man staff thrusting deeply” yuck

    Barbara Cartland books discreetly end before any sex. only kissing. Like a hindi movie.

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