My boss came back after lunch from a client meeting and gave me a sweet that this Cali drug lord client gave him.

It’s part of his new trial product range of items made with weed.

I have low expectations about the performance of these kinds of products.

I once bought a bag of ‘natural’ grass from Camdem and it was just a bag of junk. It didn’t work and tasted terrible.

So I ate the sweet on the way home in the tube.

Nice, kind of gingery, mentholic. (If there is such a word as ‘mentholic’. Spellchecker doesn’t believe there is)

I got off the bus and promptly texted by boss to say officially that although it was tasty, I found that the sweets were not ‘medical’ in the slightest.

As soon as I sent the text I realised I was pretty darn mellow.

I love my boss.


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