Penis Drawings

Shape Analysis

I really love drawing penises. I realised that while drawing this.

Sure, I enjoy drawing vaginas too, but I find they don’t have the same comedic value.

This is not based on any particular sexual preference, I’m merely referring to the shapes when you draw them.

The cock with its cylinder and two circles is so much funnier looking. (see above, my seriously M.A diagram)

The vagina has a more elegant, modified elliptical shape, which makes me feel it ought to be taken more seriously.

I can’t imagine some tagger graffiting vaginas on underground passes and subway walls with the same carefree abandon as scrawling a big, giant, hairy knob. Knob drawings are far more carefree.

Also entirely hairy ones. The hair is not just on the balls, but everywhere. Like a Chewbacca of cocks.

I was doodling a hairy cock on a napkin at Prithvi ages ago and Bhangar who was sat there with Riddhi, got offended because I covered the whole cock in hair.

He said they didn’t look like that, it’s insulting. Only the balls have hair.

I suppose he had a point.

Now I just draw ones with veins, unless I want to be insulting. I find it helps to add the detail.

See? That’s so M.A. of me! How can they get rid of M.A. illustration??

This is the world penis drawing competition. I’m thinking of entering.

Brilliant Advert to Promote Safe Sex:

Dick-Tater. A fun cock pun. If I were a competition judge I’d let it win. 


13 thoughts on “Penis Drawings

  1. This post does not have nearly enough comments. Great illustrations, by the way. Heh, I have a brick of a book here called ‘The Male Nude’… cocknballs in all shapes, creeds and religions in there… and a foreword that explains how the dick always has been a little more ‘silly’ than the vagina in nudes…but it’s true. Especially a flaccid dick looks like some cheap add-on to the male body. Erect and triumphant, we can talk about it, but a flaccid cock looks so vulnerable… I don’t know what I’m trying to say here… ahahaha, so let’s wrap this up πŸ˜€

    • Hey the ex has that book. It’s good fun. I should give it a look again now that you’ve reminded me.

      I bought another book called the Pussy book which is lots of paintings / drawings about the woman’s bit both historical and contemporary. Thats a pretty good book too.

  2. Hello!? How in the hell did I miss this gem? This is freakinghilarious! How has this not been FreshPressed, I demand to know right now. And I completely agree. The vagina is an elegant thing, more mysterious, and much more complicated, but the penis– !!! It’s like a perpetual exclamation mark. Loved those vids, too.

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