Waiting Room Idea

Imagine looking under ‘Glamour’ only to find ‘Butt Boys’ or ‘Super Slutz’. The ‘z’ makes it an extra slutty slut.

This is vaguely related to my Visa Post, even though their waiting room had no magazines, only a flamboyant security guard. A very large black man who was squished inside the compact photo booth, accidentally kicked it so violently that the rather camp guard yelled flirtatiously from the door,

“You alright there, big man? Why, I thought I might have to come in and give you CPR!”

You know how most waiting rooms offer a selection of somewhat banal magazines?

The standard ones, like Readers Digest, OK, Hello, Glamour. If it’s a more up market waiting room – GQ, Vogue, Country Magazine, The New Yorker, The Times.

None of them recent, obviously. There’s probably a circulation library catering only for waiting rooms, recycling seriously out of date magazines. Ones that are still making Clinton-Lewinski jokes.

So what if every time you visited your doctor, dentist or hairdresser, you smuggle in a naughty mag and surreptitiously sneak it in under a few of the other magazines.

Then you go for your appointment, teeth done, whatever, you leave. Leaving behind the hidden magazine.

I like the idea of some nice Auntie who comes in after you’ve left, and while going through the Glamour, Hello or perhaps a Reader Digests finds a magazine titled

Bound & Gagged

or Daddy (U.S. This sounds pretty good.You know exactly what to expect. Now that’s good branding.)

or Handjobs Magazine: (U.S. Again, good branding, but its pretty specific. Auntie might enjoy it.)

or Chastity (India. The articles are really amazing. I know that sounds like a cliché, but these really are. For the spelling and grammar alone, it’s worth investing in one of these.)

or  Anal Magazine (Mexico. They really should export.)


Deranged comments preferred

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