The Curse of The Similar Titles

Oh Barb! How could you?

Do you know what I found out this last week? See this photo above?

The book on the left and the one on the right are exactly the same.

I know. I was as shocked and devastated as you are.

Different covers, different titles – Completely different! I mean, occasionally there can be some confusion over a few of her titles which all sound relatively similar (and by now I have racked up a few.)

i.e. Time for Love, No time for Love, Where is Love, Who can Deny Love etcetera etcetera. All vaguely similar.

But this one. It’s nowhere even close! No wonder I was fooled.

I was so disappointed when I opened the post and saw the blurb at the back.

How many heroes can there be in Scotland called ‘Torquil’?

Even for dear Barb. that would be stretching it.

Worst of all, the one on the right I bought to replace the book below (it’s the same, but printed in an extra-large font) little realising I had the thin version already.

Curse of the Clan duplicate

Look, I know its crazy to buy a book just to replace an identical book but I thought I’d better get one that fitted in with the rest of my hoard. The large font version (below) is bigger, heavier and fatter.

Yes, yes I know! It’s anal retentive but that’s the nature of collections anyway… it had a shittier cover too, if that helps.

So now I have 3 copies of the same book.

To give vent to my strong feelings of disappointment, I grabbed the ex forcefully and said in tones of passion, (for our mutual amusement)

“Oh Torquil, Torquil!!”

I’ve read BCs at a manic pace, one after another in close succession. On weekends I can read 4 to 5.

I almost thought my fervour had peaked the day before yesterday, when I felt what was almost a disinterest in moving on to another book.

But it was a false alarm and the feeling soon past. It’s full swing again.

When I run out I swear I will start drawing with as much fervour as my reading. Cross my heart. Really I will.

I started a sketch in my sketchbook called ‘Real Gujus Eat Theplas’. It’s a tribute to Riddhi, who is a guju who hates theplas. I got her to bring me and Leo theplas when she came to visit. They were delicious, especially with imli chutney.

The boar people were very happy with my boar. They asked me to doall the ingredients for the gin in the same style.

For the packaging I suppose. I’m well pleased. It’s good time pass.


5 thoughts on “The Curse of The Similar Titles

  1. Hmm whenever could do something this coming weekend. You still owe me a drawn out expedition to that Bali exhibit at the far away museum, but I suggest that waits for a sunny day so I can placate you with crabbies and leave you in the garden.

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