Typesetting Woes

Typesetting Woes

I’ve been reading some of my old blog posts and man… are they dire.

There’s far too much swearing and far too many adjectives in single sentences.

Some sentences have been left incomplete while I’ve moved on to some totally unrelated point.

I say point, but I rarely have any actual points. I mean, what point? This whole blog is a full-to-full nonsense.

Worse than the bad writing and insane ranting (which is ongoing, so lets leave it) is the atrocious typesetting.

Mad font sizes, random headings, inconsistent use of italics and bold. Paragraphs all over the place, orphan sentences and random capitalizations.

Surly Girl used to complain constantly about my use of random CAPS. At the time I was using them as a SHOUTING mechanism. Now in my old age and growing typesetting conservatism I’ve finally seen the light.

Why have I used square brackets [] instead of round ones ()? Why why why?

I’ll tell you why – it’s because you don’t have to hit shift for square brackets, and I am that fundamentally lazy.

Every time I see them now they annoy me so much visually (I think they look cheap) that I dabble with the idea of going back in there to readjust all the typesetting.

There are over 600 posts, so that luckily prevents me from just diving helter-skelter into my OCD. I just dabbled editing some 30 odd posts or so under an important category but now I have a nagging feeling of incompleteness.

I went to this excellent exhibition with Leo at the Saatchi on Collecting & Curating.

Leo and I have an on going debate about how we both organise our computer files and the all important iTunes playlists. Leo’s method is organic and memory based. So if Riddhi gives him music it gets filed under Riddhi music. (Which I think is insane, how the hell do you find anything?)

I prefer a more ‘search’ based system. So I organise religiously by genre (which I make up as I go along) and smart playlists on album or artist. Then I name everything and all that. It’s very time-consuming.

The introduction to the exhibition stated (I’m going to paraphrase based on what I remember, which is pretty vague) that no matter how often you or create lists to organize objects or collections (or even ideas), by the time you reach the end of it, your system will be outdated and you’ll essentially need to start again.

I find myself in that position with the blog. One part of me wants to leave mistakes in, as you would have to with a diary so that the blog as a diary remains true, instead of making ongoing edits. Another part wants to fine tune, correct and reorganize as my tastes change.

So the last time I did this was when I printed out parts of the blog relevant to my M.A and had them bound into a book. It took hours and hours of typesetting and correcting mistakes. And now of course, I hate the square brackets and the over-use of commas so I’d probably change all that.

That’s the problem with having a text editor toolbar with so many options and no sense of restraint. I want to press all the typesetting buttons.

So young and foolish was I. Tsk tsk.

Even now – I’ve used the quote button at the top of the tool bar for conversations. It sets the quotes differently.

Like so…

I’ve been using it for months but I can’t decide if I like it or not. Should I go back and change them all? It is worth the bother? Should I just leave it? Continue using it? Stop?

Any suggestions?


6 thoughts on “Typesetting Woes

    • Thanks for the advice man. From you, a grammar conservative, thats an endorsement to follow.
      Now what’s your view on square brackets?
      The ex read this post, then turned to me and scowled and said
      “Hey what’s wrong with square brackets?? I use them all the time!”

  1. The quotes I like. Square brackets, on the other hand… I dunno. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re angular in the midst of the decidedly unangular shape of the English alphabet. All those curves seem to demand curvy brackets as well.

    That said, going back and editing past posts sounds like a mammoth and unpleasant task. Entirely too much work, if you ask me.

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