Work Update

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I’ve accidentally on purpose stopped paying for the hosting package for my website. (

They’ve sent me 2 emails. One suspending my account, the other telling me my website will shortly be booted off.

Pffft like whateveas. You don’t scare me you fucking crooks.

I had a big fight with them 2 years ago when I found out they had doubled my yearly cost while at the same time inviting new customers to join with some seriously dirt cheap 2 year rate. I was furious.

So I called them up and yelled about how they didn’t give a shit about their existing customers and asked them if they were just going to screw me over.

They said yes.

It was too much trouble to move, and I couldn’t cancel payment.

But NOW I will. Assholes.

My website is flash anyway. I like it but flash is a pain to manually update. It hasn’t been updated in about a year now.

I prefer my wordpress blog, although it’s far from ideal. Sigh. What to do? I need a good free, content manageable website template. So far Behance has probably been the best.

Went to a client meeting and even though it was pretty warm I couldn’t take off my coat because my sweater had a hole smack bang in the middle over my right breast. That kind of thing never leaves a good impression.

I’ve been getting various emails at work spelling my name wrong. Not from people emailing the first time but from people who I’ve emailed back and forth repeatedly

The app developer called Jorma, who is pissing me off no end, with his shoddy coding and inattention to detail keeps sending me emails titled: ‘Jamine’ or ‘Janie’ or ‘Janice’ or ‘Jamie’

Instead of telling any of these people to spell my name right, I rather passive-aggressively started responding to their emails with their names spelt wrong, trying as far as possible to make it look accidental but simultaneously using the letters they got wrong in my name to misspell their name.

You get me?

So in response to L. Harry’s email calling me ‘Jamie’, I began his email with:

“Dear L. Hami…”

While an email to the app developer Jorma (who called me ‘Janice’) was:

“Dear Jorna,

Thank you for your shoddy email, your worthless code and your frankly rotten work ethic.

Please fucking spell my name right you cunt.

Kind Regards,

I only wish I could be so forthright. The only part of the correspondence above that is true is the opening and closer.

I don’t know if it worked or if they noticed but I enjoyed making a subtle point (well in my own brain anyway.)

This developer has been inconsistent, communicated poorly, skiving constantly and refused to work from the London office. He has also missed every single deadline set.

The boss had to tell him to pull it together man, stop crying (he actually cried) and just finish this project.

Uphill work.


Deranged comments preferred

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