9 Mothers

Fairy Tale Kings X. This photo (I think) has a magical fairy tale quality. No?

I’m very behind on all my blogging. I’m still organising all my Espain holiday photos. There’s something very enjoyable about organising things, especially photos.

Colour correcting and renaming and multiple folders and colour coding. Mmmmm colour coding. On a more geeky note I finally figured out how to use Automator.

Until I finally sort out the 700 or so photos me and the trigger happy ex took, a brief work update:

The new app dev team (Russia) told us they could do the app but it would take 51 days using 30 developers.

My boss tried to persuade them to speed up the process.

“If you put 80 developers on the project could we bring the time down to 30 days?”

Svetlana (the team leader) replies in true Russki fashion,

“Even 9 mothers cannot give birth to a child in 1 month.”

My boss had to to concede she had a good point.

It’s hard to argue with a Russian proverb.


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