Number 2. The Solution

A solution to the problem of men being unable to pee and aim simultaneously mentioned in the earlier post.

Bulls-eye Toilet. Updated

12 thoughts on “Number 2. The Solution

  1. There was some guy — I think he was Dutch — who came up with a urinal that had a strategically positioned fly painted on it. Apparently that fly subliminally urged men to aim better.

  2. That’s an excellent idea. We have a natural response to try and piss on things in case they pose a threat to our off-spring. A plain white urinal is just asking for trouble. Can’t clean it up though because that’s a woman’s job.

    (hides behind chair…)

  3. Ha! Points for hitting the seat! Win!

    Shouldn’t that read -10pts?

    In Germany quite a few urinals have goals in them. Some even have little footballs on strings to make the aim incredibly precise!

  4. moggy you bloody read my mind!
    As soon as i posted it I thought it should be -10.
    But I made this at work, instead of working on the sly.
    Now I cant change it I left the psd at work.
    But yes -10 it should be.
    Lets say its positive reinforcement though.

  5. @VOB “Can’t clean it up though because that’s a woman’s job. (hides behind chair…)”

    I don’t know if that works anymore. I mean works in the sense that it will get a rise out of women. Maybe in more restrictive countries it might because it has a basis in some truth but in the UK, man you know the women be wearing the trousers. (Even though we get paid less and hit the glass ceiling in the corporate world – just to balance the bias out)

  6. I was speaking from the position of neanderthal man. I have in fact cleaned up more than my fair share of other people’s body waste, often before it left them…

    Norman: Nurse

    Me: Norman?

    Norman: Can you give me a clear out?

    Me: It is my duty as a member of the NHS to oblige. Pants please.

    Norman: Do you (grunt) know what we’re having for dinner…

    I remember Norman as a nice fellow with a west country accent and stools like ball bearings.

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