Sausage Nipples

Zion The Sausage Queen

We went to a lovely BBQ last sunday.

I brought sausages, mini burgers and Ginger beer.

The ex refuses to eat the ends of sausages – Cutting them off instead, rather delicately with a knife.

I remarked they looked just like nipples and promptly ate them with gusto.

The ex cringed. It’s true they did look like nipples. Not that’s unappetising – Delicious sausages! Fresh off the barbi

I haven’t ever been to a fetish/sexy-party club night.

I’d like to go just to see it maybe once in my life, but the ex said my tolerance level would be 20 mins or so, then I’d be bored and want to leave.

(Quite true. Watching other people have sex is like watching people play tennis. What’s the point? I’m not playing tennis.)

The ex said,

“Of course I would probably stay longer.”

So I don’t understand if you’re willing to watch real people, regular flabby people even having sex in public, then what’s the problem with the sausage nipples?

Headline for May 30, 2011:

Man addicted to sausages seeks help

Best quote:

‘Apparently I just like sausages, plain and simple,’ Mr Harding said, after admitting that therapy hasn’t helped.


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