Official End of the M.A Communication Design Course

Final Show 2011 MA Communication Design Flyer

This is the last MA Communication Design end of year show for the course with the 4 separate pathways, as the facebook group, hysterically informs me.

I’d quite like to go. I like to attend these things for all the schmoozing and art nonsense.

I especially love the art nonsense. I’m counting on all those exciting, exciting information design graphs. Statistics presented on a A0 poster make me so hot.

Then there’s always some arabic font thing + some other font thing for the deaf or the visually impaired. One per year.


I just checked the design section and I was spot on! Every year without fail! Someone should do a project on the amount of design students doing the same project year in and year out.

I’ve never understood how the design for the event flyer (that blue tiny thing above) gets picked. It’s pretty horrible.

Well, actually I do know. Our end of year flyer was equally indifferent. The problem is everyone is so busy that no one can be bothered to do it and its impossible to please all 4 pathways. Designers want it to be designed, the illustrators need too much censoring (too many drawings of penises) the typographers want letter-press and who knows what the photographers want.

A more diplomatic kind of flyer would be a white gridded poster – split into equal compartments of exactly the number of students there are on the course, allowing room for time address & dates. Then each student fills a single compartment manually telling people to come to the show or maybe some drawing. Then the flyer should be rescanned and submitted

No cutting and photoshopping of a crop of their final work. It has to be all painstakingly hand-written or drawn.

The illustration for the year looks very yummy.

This one below sounds interesting.

“My overall desire with my project is to make the desirable accessible with an A4 printer.

Another important factor for me when counterfeiting these exclusive objects is to retain their functionality so for example the above net of a Leica M3 camera functions as a pinhole camera accepting 35mm film.”
I have a weakness for things you can print and make.

Kanitta Meechubot

Martha Zmpounou


2 thoughts on “Official End of the M.A Communication Design Course

  1. Hi! nice post, specially the part about our flyer, really spot on.
    Just 2 errata corrige regarding the last two illustrations: the one by S. Langford is in fact by Kanitta Meechubot; and the one from A. Chakraborty is in fact by Martha Zmpounou.
    I’m not surprised you’ve mistaken them, considering the amazing design of our website!


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