Silent But Deadly

London Summer Sky

There was a fart floating around Marks & Spencers the other day.

I had just wandered down the pudding aisle (very relaxing) and I suddenly found myself trapped in a low-hanging, silent-but-deadly.

I’m pretty sure it was this woman near by.

Her face was too serene not to be guilty. I mean it was an absolute stinker.

And she distinctly seemed like she was trying to sidle away from the pudding section.

I love the word pudding.

Been running late more than usual these past 2 weeks, especially since Kings Cross has done some renovations which are screwing up my daily run.

(I run to work. That is, I run when I’m not on public transport to shave off precious minutes from my very tight morning schedule. I think this should qualify as an Olympic Sport)

I have to constantly alternate the time on my phone. It’s now 10 minutes fast, the idea being that, good fortune willing, I will get to work on time, by mentally thinking I’m 10 minutes late.

Unfortunately I have adapted to the 10 mins ahead time so I might need to put it another 10 minutes forward.

I don’t know where this will ever end.


2 thoughts on “Silent But Deadly

  1. When I was young, my dad used participate in gaseous drive bys in public, leaving me or my mom looking like the guilty party to the unsuspecting stranger. I don’t know how he could think this was realistic as I was a tiny half-Asian child and my mom was a tiny full Asian adult, neither capable of emitting such grotesque sounds from our bodies.

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