Why is Sunday Afternoon TV So Atrocious?

Our Magnet Collection. Pigs (Lower Right) I made hump. You can also do that with the bulls. But one bull is going to my Mom and one the cleaner broke so its a bit delicate. I think I want to collect more magnets that you can make have sexy time. 

Why is Sunday afternoon TV so atrocious? There’s a B grade dance movie (called “Honey”) playing on TV starring Jessica Alba.

There is something about the B-Grade-Dance-Movie genre that I love almost as much as I love the American-Teenage-Highschool-Romcom genre. I like to see the various clichés played out over and over in a multitude of excruciating ways.

You can tell if a movie is B grade if :

  • Happens to feature Jessica Alba.
  • The main star is leading a bunch of random unknowns.
  • The lead heroines lipstick is a dark, matt shade. (No A grade movie heroine would be caught dead wear dark matt lipstick.)

Besides, no movie called “Honey” can be anything other than a B grade movie or a mixed-racial, breakfast-based porno.

‘Jam’ would be a mixed-racial, breakfast-based orgy.

‘Cocopops’ would be a gay porn starring only older black men.


The ex has told me to copyright the idea for “Cocopops” because it’s so goddamn fantastic people might try to steal it.

I like the support I’m getting on this issue but of course I’m sure that there’s probably a dirty movie called Cocopops already out there.

So there, it’s copyrighted © Cocopops Porno 2011. All rights reserved.

I can’t believe there’s going to be Honey 2.

This movie is so bad it crossed over from the dance movie genre into a class on its own.
Why am I even watching it?


4 thoughts on “Why is Sunday Afternoon TV So Atrocious?

  1. If you are in need of something terrible to watch next Sunday (though why would you be as there is always plenty to choose from), go ahead and give Swimfan a whirl. I distracted myself with that last weekend and it was as bad as the title implies. In fact, I believe the original title was meant to be Swimf@n where @ obviously stands for @wesome.

  2. I think watching Honey wore me out.
    I don’t think I could bear anything thats an ‘erotic thriller’ given one star by Rotten Tomatoes. I might stab myself with a fork in the face.
    I need some teen rom com preferably.

  3. Hey! That’s a great collection. The lizard is great. And coincidently I have the same swinging german lady on my fridge.

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