Work Update: The Intern

Summer Sky, Near the Tesco in Soho Square.

I’m trying to cultivate more patience with the new intern. I rarely have patience with interns.

I don’t know why, considering I was an intern only a little while ago and a fairly duff one at that I’m sure.

During the first few months of my first job, my boss yelled at me a lot for getting things wrong. He even made me cry once (I cread privately of course. You can’t be bawling in an office. So not done.)

My job entailed setting up an email newsletter that got sent to 25,000 people. I knew NOTHING about html, newsletters, coding or designing for web before I started working there. At one point he was essentially re-doing everything I had spent an age on. He was a little controlling but still, that’s never a good sign.

I had months of email related paranoia – I’d be checking my email constantly worrying that an irate email would suddenly pop up scolding me for some hideous gaff I’d made. Mornings and late night were especially nerve-racking.

In the beginning sometimes my code would be dodgy, links would be wrong, I’d schedule something to go live at the wrong time and then I’d get furious emails at all sorts of hours along the lines of


So this new intern is a recently graduated B.A. art student who’s very inexperienced and therefore needs a lot of hand holding. This means a lot of corrections, multiple notes back and forth, double checking everything and general frustration all around.

I can now sympathize with my first boss yelling at me. I must have been a really, really annoying intern. I’m glad they didn’t sack me, because I eventually shaped up (thank god!).

I do feel guilty that I’m so intolerant of someone who I was exactly like a little while ago.

Additionally I have a tendency to rush instructions and/or explanations, which means generally they come out entirely garbled.

So even though it’s my fault for being unclear, I then I feel quite irritated by the utterly blank expression on the interns face.

Can’t the intern just pretend to understand what I’m saying???

Some facial expression of some kind??

Is that so unreasonable?


Deranged comments preferred

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