Typography Exploration for Travel Guides: Round 2

So here we go, following the previous round of travel guides typography/image exploration these are for Buenos Aires & Monaco.

I really tried hard to be more creative with the typography for these 2 although I got placed a more pressing (and duller) project  while the intern was left to finish 2 of the images for Monaco


Anyway most of the images are from Flickr (since these guides are free) except now that the EVIL and highly priced Getty has its mucky little paws all over the internet’s image libraries, it has grown increasingly hard to find images under the creative commons. (Or as I know it – Theft.)

Also you really need to be careful when using Flickr’s Creative Commons to correctly credit the images or ask for permission, depending on the author’s permission preferences. Except most people on Flickr don’t bother to check their messages. So don’t expect replies in under less than a month.

I made this AMAZING excel spread sheet of every image I downloaded from flick: Name of the file, guide it was for, Creator name, Link and even Common notes. Don’t you love using excel for these mind numbing ordering tasks that you secretly quite enjoy? Well I sure do!

(Mumbai, Goa, Kerala, Copenhagen, Amsterdam guides are already up and running. Click here for the links.)

Buenos Aires & Monaco: Click to see any large. Image credits below. 

BA Image Credits:

  1. Content: Textures by Kim Long
  2. Stay: La Boca by Matt Gillman
  3. Eat: Ricos Tacos! by Matt Gillman
  4. Drink: Martinipalooza 30 by Tom Hilton
  5. Play: Sunset (almost night) by Flavio Ensiki
  6. Do: Tango show in Buenos Aires by Jennifer
  7. Perfect Weekend: Recoleta Cemetery by Kyle Lease
  8. Local Knowledge: Buenos Aires a las seis de la mañana by Joao Vicente
  9. Contributors: Flor en la Parque by Matt Gillman

Monaco Image Credits:

  1. Stay: Monaco Panorama by Paul Downey
  2. Eat: Petit déjeuner complet by Everjean
  3. Drink: Bubbly by Quinn Dombrowski
  4. Play: Destiny by Dave Gough
  5. Perfect Weekend: Mar em Monaco by Jhcaputi
  6. Local Knowledge: Monte Carlo casino, Monaco by Julian Fon

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