Work Update: High-Tech

Airstreams crossing on Upper St. at twilight

One of the bosses saw me ripping a song from YouTube the other day.

He had no idea you could even do that or that there were sites that did that for you.

It blew his mind.

I found this highly entertaining.

A2 is trying to sort out his iTunes manually, deleting song by song.

He has some 60 GB of music that he is painstakingly going through one by one.

Then he writes the names of the songs down on a piece of paper so he can later go back and delete them.

It’s insane system combining high-tech and low-tech.

I told him writing on paper was,

“like seriously, so over man.”

Just as I walk through the flat.


4 thoughts on “Work Update: High-Tech

  1. I feel for boss. For me, downloading an mp3 that I have scrounged out with the help of Google is about as advanced as I get. The thing to do is to cultivate a bunch of tech-savvy friends and rely on them to both do the hard work and email the results of that hard work.

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