Travel Guides: Website Design

Continuing the Travel Guide posts here’s the website I designed for them. (Click images to view actual size.)

There are 2 small tabs at the top that switch the website from white to black.

I can’t put up the links yet because this website is taking AGES to build. (It has to be slotted in-between paying projects. Whaddya gonna do?)

Black Version. Click to view actual size.

White Version. Click to view actual size.

9 thoughts on “Travel Guides: Website Design

  1. The black one looks so much better than the white one as it allows the colors to pop. And I like how you used the different rainbow colors for the countries under the New Guides tab on the left. Awesome work! I just check out the site but it seems to be a bit different from what you have posted and sadly not many features are up. It would be great to see this site once everything is done. Just to share, I recently got my “insert-product-here” made by the designing team at “insert-link-but-only-if-you-pay-me “and it turned out excellent. For the price I paid of only “x” pounds, it was definitely the best deal out there for a “insert-product-here” It came out fantastic and I highly recommend that site. Anyway, thanks for posting.

  2. Just when I was thinking I’d stop by and prod you to post something…

    Verrah nice. Clean, with just enough colour and not too image heavy (I’m a writer. I like seeing words on a website). I like those window-y rectangles of the banner or whatever it is.

    On a separate note, don’t you love friendly and helpful spam?

  3. i know i need to write something tomorrow.

    friendly spam is terribly confusing.

    how does it work? is it a bot or some person speed reading and posting comments based on text in the post? its very clever if its a bot.

  4. I want to say it’s a person except if it is, that is a worse job than those kids who stand around on street corners and try to get you to fill up questionnaires or take their flyers. So I’m going to say it’s a clever bot, called Spike no less.

  5. but the conversational ‘human’ nature of the comment is what throws me. a bot wouldn’t write like that. they have some odd way of phrasing things (being bots of course) which this doesnt have.

Deranged comments preferred

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