Perfecting the Art of Squabbling

Fuckin’ at Night Poster. Mmmmm I’m loving it!

For the first 3 to 4 years of my relationship with the ex we had intense, passionate fights.

Sometimes in public; which involved running up and down the street, the ex furiously maintaining a stern silence, me crying, because I am too much of a loser to carry off this kind of performance art with cool aplomb.

Eventually when we moved in together we grew reasonable enough to conduct our fights in private  (to a degree) and were even more reasonable to often end them with




The subsequent fall-out sulks from these finales could last for hours and days. Going out together during these sulks was impossible.

Now after 7 years we have perfected the art of squabbling.

Just the other day, over dinner at Thai Square, we broke out into a squabble. There was a couple on a date less than a foot to the left of us, but oh no, why should we be discreet?

If anything I figured they should get a good glimpse into their future should this ‘date’ thing they were on worked out.

We managed to complete the entire fight cycle arc from start to finish pretty much over the main course.

It went from squabble, escalated to a heated quarrel, matured into an enraged fight, downgraded to sulking in silence (1 – 2 mins), ravenously devouring the main course, finally realizing we were now too sated and full to continue the fight, thus making up in record time.

No dessert.

We took home a doggy bag of left overs.

6 thoughts on “Perfecting the Art of Squabbling

  1. long time reader, i think, first time commentor..
    reason for the comment ….you have worried me a bit 😉 i need to work on my squabbling skills.

  2. Can’t think of any situation where having a plate in front of me hasn’t distracted my attention from subject of fight to food that’s begging to be eaten. Sigh.

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