I’ve hit the 400+ count on my Barbara Cartland Collection.

The Slaves of Love. I love Francis Marshall illustrations.

Yes that’s right. I’ve stubbornly persisted with my mental illness. Onwards and upwards!

I realised that the 723 target I had estimated earlier included 200 books of non-fiction. Not even my avowed dedication to such a cause as this will allow me to purchase 200 books of non-fiction penned by Mz Cartland. So I’ve adjusted my goal to 512 or thereabouts.

I confess I’m feeling a bit worn out. The last 100 are proving to be a challenge to acquire. (Cost + availability).

To soothe myself I bought the entire collection of Georgette Heyer’s, who only wrote 35 Regency novels in her lifetime, of a far superior quality, compared to Barbara Cartland’s one book a week standard. Apparently BC modeled herself on GH by liberally pilfering from her novels. I must say, the Heyers are much better reads, quite the high-grade heroin to Barbara’s cheap talcum-powdered crack. I’ve nearly worked my way through the entire lot.

The other day A2 (one of the bosses at work) had to ‘remind me’ to take home some of my books that were being stockpiled behind my desk. Work is rather baffled by this collection but at the same time intrigued, so much so that my desk neighbor actually bought a duplicate book off me. Stockholm syndrome of some kind or hypnotic suggestion maybe.

I’ve calculated that I’ve spent £2.10 a day everyday for the last 2 months. That sounds like a lot, until you consider that a Sunday newspaper is £2.50

News? Pffftt who needs news? Amy is dead. Osama is dead. Neither did drugs and one of them watched porn. The stock market is down again. Didn’t we just do this whole stock market down crap?

This is why I never bother with the news. It’s always some kind of re-run.

So back to the Heyers I go.


7 thoughts on “I’ve hit the 400+ count on my Barbara Cartland Collection.

  1. Leo discovered that I am addicted to Mills & Boons during his recent trip to the homeland. He looked seriously traumatised. I don’t think I helped his fluttering pulse when I said that Ms. Cartland and Ms. Heyer are pretty much high literature next to Ms. Robyn Donald and her tribe of Mills & Boon writers. But what can I say? I love that trash. It makes me feel… I dunno… comforted in a strange way. Add to this my tendency to fight with random Jehovah’s Witnesses ambassadors and yes, I am indeed extremely mentally ill.

    That said, I’m glad you’ve steered away from non-fiction by Ms. Cartland. For non-fiction, the newspaper may be a better investment although I totally agree with you about their re-run quality.

  2. It IS very comforting. I attribute the comfort knowing no matter what happens in the middle of the book that you are guaranteed a happy ending.

    I used to ask book shops sellers if so-and-so book had a happy ending. One guy said yes when I purchased Villette (Charlotte Bronte). Btw NEVER read this book. 500 pages of misery and then to add insult to injury, a tragic ending. Never again.

  3. hi
    i am sorry to bother you but i am at my wits end on who to contact about my books i have a collection of barbara cartland book the first set is the romantic novel of barbara cartland 1-39 the red leather one that are all signed and 4 pink editions and some other that i am trying to sell but every time i find some one to ask they keep telling me put them on ebay or find a book collecter well i have tryed and don’t know where else to look if you could please let me know if you know of some one or a website that would be intersted in my books or any information you have would be great
    many thanks

  4. ebay is really your best bet – just make a job lot of them and auction it off
    it might not happen the first few times so keep trying.
    The royal mail will estimate the postage cost on their website so you can put that in the cost

    I’d buy some of the books off you but I probably have them already

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