New Drawing: Rape Rick

Rape Rick Sketch 1

Rape Rick Sketch 2

Rape Rick Sketch 3

Inspired by my sketch book drawing of a rape taxi;  I followed it up with a larger version that I’m working on above.

The ex saw the sketch for it and said blankly

“Thats not going up on my wall”


I like to hold it up now and then, so the ex can see it, and say gleefully,

“Look look look baby look. Do you like my drawing??”

Then the ex looks up from the world domination plans, that I’m constantly interrupting, only to have me waving about my drawing with various penises on the 4 corners.

The ex has very expressive eyebrowns (eggcorn alert). I like to see them move about when I show them things.

The ex does NOT approve of rape taxis. Or rape ricks. Or drawings of penises.

So there.

2 thoughts on “New Drawing: Rape Rick

  1. i like the cocks on the four corners of the sketch, nice touch.
    Really hammers home the whole rape aspect of the ‘Rape Rick’.

    P.S I didnt know the ex had expressive eyebrows.

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