The Result of a Semi-Productive Weekend: Enthu Cutlet

Unisex Version

Had a fairly productive weekend. Or at least a very productive Sunday evening.

Painted my rape rick, painted a page in my sketch book AND scanned and vectorised my Enthu cutlet drawing.


An Enthu Cutlet is defined by Samosapedia as

“ earnest eager beaver who is able to muster up inordinate amounts of energy, inspiration and enthusiasm towards a variety of things.”

This was a drawing requested by A4 who has very lately appointed herself as my artistic manager and coach (Since I am seriously lacking in business skills; A4 was horrified that I was charging someone £10 p/h for illustrations. That’s the same rate as our cleaner makes.) – Giving me many pep talks and goading me into to setting up a shop.

Really, the very personification of an Enthu Cutlet.

It was also a fun drawing. Dead quick and jolly.

Now, a query: I really like my veggie pattern (A little Wallace and Gromitish perhaps? ) and if I wanted that pattern on a top, lets say, how would that be achieved?

Does anyone know?

Any of my 5.2 blog readers?

Do let me know if you do.

Desi Eshtyle Version


Prints (Framed, Unframed, Stretched Canvas), T-Shirts, Sweatshirts Laptop & iPhone skins of Enthu Cutlet now available!

Boy do I feel like a proper legit business type person.


7 thoughts on “The Result of a Semi-Productive Weekend: Enthu Cutlet

  1. I’m jealous that yuor cleaner charges ONLY 10 bucks (albeit British Pounds) per hour, and am flabbergasted (LOVE that word!) that you were charging 10 bucks per hour for your work. Even my sister, a lowly graphic designer (shhh, don’t tell her I said that) charges more…

    All artists should have accountant older sisters. Or friends like Anokhi, I guess!

  2. yeah 10 per hour is very reasonable. I need to increase my rates to 15.
    or charge a flat fee
    but flat fees are so tricky to judge at the outset.
    and i find then there are a billion changes suddenly when they have carte blanche.
    I don’t know. I think flat might be the way to go.

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