Enthu Cutlet Update

Enthu Cutlet T-Shirts

Enthu Cutlet Skins


Prints (Framed, Unframed, Stretched Canvas), T-Shirts, Sweatshirts Laptop & iPhone skins of Enthu Cutlet now available!

Boy do I feel like a proper legit business type person.

I’ll put more of my usual stuff up over time.

All this enthu-ness has exhausted me.


15 thoughts on “Enthu Cutlet Update

  1. Hello. I saw your comment and I was like omg I know this person from like years ago when everyone blogged and there was no twitter. Oh and I’m sure you can subsribe to my blog. I wouldn’t have the first idea how you would go about doing it but I think a few other people subsribe to it so I’m going to guess it’s possible. P.S. I’m glad some people are still blogging.

  2. Twitter is the only social networking I haven’t dabbled in.
    Frankly I’m feeling a little social network overload.
    Also twitter has too few characters.

    No you have no email subscribe only an blogger subscribe (which is insular – only ebloggers who use their dash or google readers get the updates).

    You have to allow email subscribe as a widget on your sidebar.

    And since I left my blogger wife for my wordpress mistress I no longer get the ‘eblogger’ subscribe feeds. or at least I never visit my dashboard.

    • I’m too fat for a T-shirt. Any chance you could sell this cutie pie logo on tea towels (don’t know why, but I go through these like mad)? Beach towels (obviously not for me)? Bumper stickers? Note cards and other stationery? Please consider and update. I’ll buy in bulk.

      • your too fat for a tshirt! nonsense! – but as for tea towels unfortunately this company that does the printing hasn’t branched out yet. They just do posters, cards, hoodies & tees

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