Organising My Art Supplies

Unholy Mess

The reading phase that lasted over a year and that encompassed only books written by:

1. Barbara Cartland. (Read over 300.)

2. Agatha Christie. Not quite as many. Not even close to it in fact. I only like the Poirot ones. Miss Marple’s “Yes dears” and passive old-lady smugness annoys the heckings out of me.

3. Georgette Heyer. SO FRIKKIN GOOD!!! I’m sure #1 will lead you to believe that my taste is not to be trusted, but let me assure you not to be so easily misled. GH and Jane Austen are easily on par.

To continue, my reading phase is over. Now begins my frantic drawing phase. I have so many ideas and plans my brain is imploding. I stayed up all this week until 2 a.m usually, drawing things, or scanning things, or fucking setting up shops like a lunatic. (A lunatic who knows no one will ever buy anything.)

I really don’t know how much gets sold on these online shops. I think artists enjoy the ease of just uploading a picture and the thrill of seeing their prints on merchandise. It gives you such a kick. But is anyone actually going to part with cold hard cash? I really don’t know.

Am currently multitasking badly.

You know, multi-tasking really doesn’t exist. All it means is starting a variety of things at the same time and not completing them.

  • I started with the plan to scan my sketch book.
  • Then I decided I must make a header for my shop.
  • Then I decided I MUST organize my art kit.
  • Now I MUST go to the art shop before the lovely day is gone.

So nearly all my vast collection of pens, pencils, multiple erasers (I have 8 erasers, brand new. Including an old one that’s at least 5-6 years old. Why do I have 8? It’s practically a lifetime supply.) I’ve emptied out on the couch in a desperate attempt to cull the ones I never use, and to try to organise the ones I use often.

It isn’t an easy task. At the moment my art supplies are

  • Under my desk
  • Behind the laundry
  • In my side table
  • Inside the bed (bed has storage under mattress)

The scattered nature of this is irritating me immensely. Plus all the stuff is in assorted plastic bags.

Like some arty hobo.

Besides this unholy mess, I’m just about to jaunt off to the local art shop to buy much-needed glitter/sequins for my rape rick drawing. I want the first impression to be one of cheerfulness, of sparkle and flowers and pattern and gleaming glittery gaiety. Then they can register the undertone.


Deranged comments preferred

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