New Shop Header

My Attempt at a hand-drawn font

I spent all Sunday afternoon making myself 2 headers.

One for the Society6 shop and one for this blog (in progress).

Unfortunately I didn’t pay attention to the exact dimensions of the shop header so I rather ill-advisedly decided to draw myself a small case font (which means it takes up more room due to of the character ascenders & descenders on the j, h, & ff and has to be shrunk down to fit the banner height.)

Also the font is a tad wonkazoids.

Oh well.

I’m using it anyway.


6 thoughts on “New Shop Header

  1. I like the banner on the blog. The font, on the other hand, somehow reminds me a little bit of Hannah Montana.

    You’re making me feel deeply slothful with all new background and banner business. I still haven’t got round to doing anything on the blog to ‘celebrate’ by stats. And probably never will. Sigh.

  2. the font is ‘Jane Austen’ I’ll have you know. Maybe I should draw the font too. But I don’t think it would fit into the speech bubble.

    You should do a little vamp to celebrate! its hardly difficult. Upload background – which can be anything you find on the net and new photo banner. easy!

  3. It’s technically not difficult. Aesthetically is another matter altogether, especially for those of us not blessed with cool drawing skills.

    I’m appalled that you haven’t come up with a Barbara Cartland font.

  4. come come. you see enough arty stuff day to day to help you.

    A barbara cartland font. I’m like some of the font they use on the cover but it probabyl already exists out there. Her font would be pink, made out of with poodles and bling.

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