I’m So Fired

Uh oh. Job center! 

I dropped A2’s (that’s one of my bosses) new iPad 2 on the ground while testing an app on it, and cracked the screen in a corner.

A1 (the older brother, and big boss) was shockingly gleeful about it. (Apparently A2 is as clumsy as me, and has been so since he was young).

I was horrified and terrified at the same time. Large numbers of what this could cost floated in front of my eyes.

I started to furiously twirl my hair in anxiety.

They were both nice about it and didn’t shout, (A2 swore under his breath and vented his rage at his phone company instead, since they didn’t provide him with insurance) so I feel dreadful, and guilt ridden.

Praise be to the internet. It saved my conscience from gnawing at itself.

I managed to find a place that will replace the screen and back case for a pretty reasonable amount (less than the cost of a new iPad 2, and less than the time I burnt the kitchen exhaust and had to fork out £350 to replace it so I am actually relieved.)

If A2 can’t get his phone company to fork up I’ll send it off. They cab fix it in under 48 hours and post it back.

Yay. (Imagine that ‘yay’ said in the doleful accents of one attending a funeral)

I’d better not buy myself anything for a little while. I was contemplating getting an iPhone but knowing my wretched talent for dropping things, thats just another route to Brokenville via Doh! town

The week before I accidentally forwarded an email to a big client with some details my boss didn’t want a client to have. (Which they now have thanks to me. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.)

The week before that I got chewed out by the client for a site going on live without search engines being blocked. (FUCK!!)

Then the client belatedly realised that the content on the servers was accessible if you knew the exact link (Stress on the word ‘exact’), and flipped out because

“Hackers could potentially steal it and post all the content online!!”

(It’s been on there for a year and no one stole anything, so slight over-reaction but whatever, it was my mistake.)

So it’s been a fairly error ridden 3 weeks. I wonder if I’ll get fired.

I’ve been pretty good until now, but these seem like enormous, weighty crimes. (Even though A1 is not remotely concerned with the iPad droppage)

And then there was this other big mistake when I was in the office, and I was thinking about something on a project and I just turned my computer off, left the office and went home. I didn’t turn the lights off, and I left the door wide open.

I guess I forgot I was the only one in the office.

I have these absent minded turns now and then. (It was one of those that got my kitchen burned. Dangerous they are.)

The security guard scolded me the next morning. He had to come in and turn the lights off and shut the door (couldn’t lock it)

He’s my friend now. We had a nice chat at lunch. He’ll be visiting Delhi over Christmas. He visits Bombay often he tells me. He likes Juhu.

This photo below cheers me up.

The Munt sent it to me.

Don't you love the seed tears? And don't miss the pubic hair. Nice craft work I must say.

Happy Halloween!!

7 thoughts on “I’m So Fired

  1. @haathi – I don’t know It would be some heavy duty casing. It just seems like a waste of money considering i’m just going to break it.

    @fforhire. thats some good sound advice. I don’t know if i’m productive enough. i hope so. but if I’m not, then at least I console myself that I am very poorly paid.

  2. Did I flaunt my massively cracked iPhone to you in London? The good news is that it works despite the spiderweb of cracks on the screen.

    Yet again, I’m vastly impressed by how human the bots are. I’m talking about fforhire, in the unlikely event that you were wondering what the hell I was referring to.

  3. What??? fforhire is a bot!! Dang!
    That was really good advice from a bot. I mean, it made sense and was related to the post.
    Although I did wonder why their blog was so religious.
    I never suspected a bot. What’s the purpose you think? Is this how they get converts?

    I did see your phone.
    But i don’t think I could bear using a broken phone. I mean, not the screen at least. I’d eventually pay to replace it. Or I’d constantly taking out insurance. Its just so expensive per month.

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