Why ‘The Ex’ is Called ‘The Ex’

Well the ex and I had a very turbulent time at the start of our relationship.

We broke up and made up so intermittently that it became embarrassing to constantly mention it.

So I just left it at ‘the ex’, that way if we broke up again there would be no need to drag it up.

Besides, it’s a handy pseudonym.

Here read this post: that was the genesis of the term.


9 thoughts on “Why ‘The Ex’ is Called ‘The Ex’

  1. Mmm. I cohabited with my Ex (usu. “My Beloved Ex”) for almost a year after the breakage.

    This only increased my fascination with how we were such a perfect couple.

    I wonder how much, when I think of the “relationship”, I’m actually remembering those times?

    Anyway: yes I had wondered about this odd nomen, with all its hints of romantic treachery and intrigue. It gives the relationship such a pleasingly fraught air!

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