Sketch Book: Woman

Sketch Book Page Scan

Sketch Book Page Scan

Sometimes it’s fun to draw things with super thick lines in black and white.

Above, in faint pencil, my sketches for my sketches in my sketch book.

So meta.


6 thoughts on “Sketch Book: Woman

  1. –hmm, I wish!

    No, I was just being coy. Something about reciting from the Rig-Veda used to get me very excited in those days tho.

    At the risk of sounding ignorant or cynical (guilty on both counts) this could be rather marketable. I can see a lot of horny New Age people really getting into something like that. Little bindi nipple jewels and stuff– yummy!

  2. 🙂 thank you x
    I’m the most ignorant business woman ever.
    But I’m working on I’m selling out as I type.

    Where are those new age people? I need to find them and get them to buy some of my shit.

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