Indian Knight – New Print on Society6

Indian Knight

Indian Knight

A new print on Society6. Go check it out!

Turns out the free worldwide shipping got me 3 buys!



This one is from a couple of years ago – Some one approached me to do a logo/creative for a beer company potentially to be called ‘Indian Knight’.

Except I wasn’t savvy enough to sign a contract or anything before doing any work, so after a few rough sketches this guy was like

“Uhm, yeah thanks, but like, no.”

Learnt a good lesson.

Terms and conditions first – no more work for free!

(I always say that though, but I mean it now.)

Anyway go go, buy some prints. The framed ones are good. Saves you the trouble of framing it.


The post got a little garbled. The beer guy didn’t ask me to do this.

This drawing was post lack of payment and subsequent rejection.

Nothing much to do with beer guy except the nice name.


8 thoughts on “Indian Knight – New Print on Society6

  1. Not to take away anything from the prettiness of the drawing in general, but Madame, with her lopsided face, looks a little zombie-esque. I fear for the Indian knight’s brains.

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