A New Client At Work



The building is very dog friendly. It’s one of the nicest things about the place

Dogs come in with their humans nearly everyday.

Sometimes they stroll into the office, asking for a doggie website or an angry cats app.

They are very demanding clients.

“Arthur, you cannot pay for an app in dog biscuits!”

“No, not even if you look at us with those eyes!”


12 thoughts on “A New Client At Work

  1. How can I when insipids like that Kerr are walking about on stilts in their tacky leatherette tights clutching their accidental offspring?

    No Tilda it must be for me Kerr for you. But I prefer her more main stream ventures to the art house. No Sally Potter. I can’t watch art house for more than 30 seconds flat.

  2. What?: now how can you just go on, living and living without a pair?

    Silly girl! Get back on that leatherette horseie and ride, ride!!

    Sheesh. You probably stepped all over them because you were wearing flats!

  3. Dear God, whatever is to become of you? . . .

    Maybe I can talk one of your aunties into sending you some nice skyscraper heels, and some leatherette trousers, so you can turn Monica Galetti gay and make the Ex very happy and then apps can be paid for in doggie biscuits.

    I’ll pray for you!

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