The Arsonists Ball – Now Available As Prints & Skins

Arsonists Ball

Arsonists Ball

So this is the prequel for the Turkish Bath drawing.

I’m not sure how I feel about this one if I’m perfectly honest.

Parts of it I really like, but parts of it make me feel slightly claustrophobic.

I guess that was the plan (or part of it) so that’s a good thing.

The children in the corner are pouring petrol down the stairs in a bid to get attention.

The lady in the center, behind the queers toasting and in front of the lady holding the dog collar and leash is the hostess of the party (I think).

I researched all the outfits of the era and drawing the stair-case was a right bitch. The perspective was really hard to get right. Still not sure I got it right either.

Ok so go get a print! 

Put it up somewhere.

Maybe the loo?

You can look at it while you’re on the pot and then you can tell me if it makes you feel claustrophobic or not.

Maybe it’ll just constipate you.

Feel free to tell me that too.

(I’d recommend a slightly larger size than the smallest which is A4 = 8″ x 10″ or letter-paper size. )


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7 thoughts on “The Arsonists Ball – Now Available As Prints & Skins

  1. Gar!! all the explosives! it’s like someone’s backporch!

    You have a bit of a Kubrickean thing (The Shining/Eyes Wide Shut) going, in a way. I quite like the silvery nocturnal scene on the patio. It brings to mind the nocturnal seduction at the end of Part One of “Barry Lyndon.”

    Have you considered full-on erotica? I need to get a copy of Edward Gorey’s “The Curious Sofa”. You should read Fredrica Alleyn’s “Dark Obsession” (Black Lace Books) and see what pictures it conjures.

    I’m glad the ladies at least make it out alive to their “Turkish Bath”. Do those damned kids know the hazards of petrol fumes?

  2. I have considered full on erotica – but I prefer narrative & the suggestion of it more.

    I had the curious sofa – and i cant remember who i gave it to. It was a goody.

    The men are alive too – they are in the library playing snooker & smoking and louging

  3. You know, I’ve been fretting myself all wkend that I’ve already plugged “Dark Obsession” once & thus feel like an obsessed, idiot fan giving non sequitur book recommendations.

    Then I picked it up this morning and read a scene where a guy finds this chick’s “cervix” with his fingers (is this possible?) and then *later* her g-spot (obviously insane). Like: oh, here’s your cervix (he even “moves it around”?!!?!?) And then, oh let’s go a bit deeper, now here’s your g-spot! This was written by a confirmed woman, so I’m deeply embarassed. And yet: it really is a hot, fun book in so many smutty ways. Just, pretend that episode didn’t happen . . .

    Really the most fun smut book of all I can recommend is Portia Da Costa’s “The Devil Inside”. I have two paperback copies. Very lesbionic too, tho some hetero, male homo, all-involved action too. Just a scrumptious erotic novel.

  4. I haven’t heard of Dark Obsession.

    The thing is i need my erotica to end happily. And I enjoy good banter. too. Throbbing members is not my thing. Are these books the throbbing member variety of erotica?

  5. I’m going to have to post an excerpt or two. Maybe I should start reviewing them.

    It’s hard to read smut now that I’ve read so many. Plus, even tho I believe print is *not* dead, print smut may be, because women prefer (this has been researched) the anonymity of downloading smut vs. the shame of ordering the damn book.

    Which shouldn’t surprise because women are used to playing with machines like that anyway.

    Me, I hate having electronics around when I play with myself.

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