Free Shipping Through Monday on Society6!

Unframed Prints only $18! free Shipping too.

My Shop – Unframed Prints only $18! free Shipping too.

God dammit!

I just bought a T-shirt last week  (there was $4 off all T-Shirts) and now I want to cancel it so I can buy it again just to qualify for the free shipping.

But I already asked them to cancel it once before (I thought I’d like to change the colour, but then I didn’t change the colour), and now I feel shy about doing it again.

Seriously, should I or shouldn’t I? – The difference is like $6. No point no?

OK so go buy a print or a T-shirt quick, or Free Shipping will end!

And you’ll be filled with regrets like me. 

The ex bought the Enthu Cutlet T-shirt and I was verrrrrry pleased by that.

The T-shirt arrived last week and it’s actually really good. I was pleasantly surprised. The print quality is excellent and it’s a really soft fabric. I love the natural colour too.

So I went and bought one too (The Goddess, so appropriate for me). I’m going to take it to Bombay and have my tailor (or my mother) adjust the neckline so its more flattering for my inflatable breasts. (High collars don’t suit me as well as a low neck line)

I might buy another one besides the one I so STUPIDLY bought before they announced the free shipping. Can’t decide if I should go with Enthu cutlet or the Indian Knight.

Or maybe another one? The Tea Party? Which one?? Argh. Someone help me decide.

So which one do you guy think I should go for? 


2 thoughts on “Free Shipping Through Monday on Society6!

  1. good point. I dunno yeah I should consider it – You know I might move it up a bit – im not happy with the placement of it. My boobs are really the deciding factor.

    I quite like the b/w lined woman on a green or red T maybe (which is not yet on the blog – but I will post something about it shortly)

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