Dog House

I wish I had this face. All would be forgiven.

I wish I had this face. All would be forgiven.

I’m in the dog house now.

The ex got me a pair of socks as a present (just a random present for no reason) but I thought it was my Christmas present so instead of saying thank you like a decent human being, I said I didn’t want them and I didn’t like them and generally behaved like an ungrateful dickhead.

The minute I said it of course I instantly wished I could have taken it back.

The ex has often been disappointed with my gifts so I should have known better than to ‘get back’.

(My recent early Xmas gift was thoroughly panned.)


I’m a lousy person.

I need to fucking grow up and shut my mouth.

The ex was furious and kicked all the boxes and shopping bags and then threw the socks at my head and now I’ve been banished to the bedroom.


I am a dickhead.


10 thoughts on “Dog House

  1. Early Christmas gifts sounds like an interesting idea. I suppose if it leads to emotional conflict, one can always treat it as a trial-run for later, better, ‘official’ gifts.

    Right now I’m just trying to narrow the list of all the things I need to gift myself . . . so little money, so little life. But I’ll probably just collect more “how to write a YA novel” manuals to collect highlighter marks and dust motes. Oh well. One of these days my inner teenage girl is going to come out and be a freakin’ *star*!!

    I sense she’s a bit of a slut, too.

  2. Early Christmas gifts do allow for better gifts later on but frankly, its too much stress and disappointment on both sides.

    Every year I think it might improve.

    @haathi – of course it isn’t my dog. I stole the image off somewhere

  3. You know depending on what climate you live in socks can be a truly awesome thing. I love my wooly socks. Good luck with the ex!

    Your art is fantastic and I’m loving all your hilarious little anecdotes, now you have 6 subscribers. 😉

  4. Well, maybe for research purposes. I’ve started a new “book”!

    I’ve written a hundred words!

    Shhh. It’s one of those YA “verse novels”. I hold myself to the lowest possible standards.

    Oh God, please let me sell myself!!!

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