Bathtub – Now Available As Prints & Skins



Another drawing I scanned last weekend and stitched together.

I expected this one to be especially tricky becuase of the mass of scribbles on the left, but it was surprisingly quick (comparatively).

I scanned all the individual A4’s scans at 500 dpi just in case I needed it. Really 300dpi would have sufficed.

The problem with compositing these high-res scans together is that the resulting file is massive.

And everything slows down a little, at least on my laptop. Photoshop gets pretty sluggish.

I wanted to experiment with scribbles on the left and tighter drawing on the right, for this one.

Available as prints, skins and when I eventually cut-out bits of it out, as a T-Shirt. Click here to buy.

Framed Print

iPhone Cases

Laptop skin


5 thoughts on “Bathtub – Now Available As Prints & Skins

  1. This whole dark Milky Way swirl on the left is intriguing: partly it just seems like we’re surreally melding into the great outdoors, but partly it’s as if some great Lovecraftian shapeshifting cloud-being has voyeuristically inserted itself to watch the bath.

    I almost want to struggle for some sort of “The New Yorker”esque caption. “Oh, is it you again, God? You’re in a dark mood.”

    But it’s also a bit Chagall-like. Like if Chagall were playing with some clubster’s palette of graphite body glitter.

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