Oh No Ona

My Organised Art Supplies. The ex generously allowed me to have this box.

My Organised Art Supplies. The ex generously allowed me to use this box.

How aggravating that the ex was right after all about the new, young, cute cleaner. (Too young maybe, the ex had said)

She came for just one session and then made some flimsy excuse the next week, crying off.

The ex said this is because I’m calling them too early (9 am), but I like to have them come clean while we are asleep so by the time we’re up, they are ready to leave and we don’t have to shuffle from room to room waiting for them to finish hoovering or whatever.

In any case, I don’t see why we should adapt. We pay this company a management fee to sort this shit out for us. Hell, lets give them a run for their money.

So we got a new cleaner sent to us for yet another interview.

Luckily she didn’t hug the ex or anything. Nice proper distance was kept.

She didn’t seem too enthused about cleaning either. (I wouldn’t myself, but the ex said she’d never last. So we’ll have to see how it goes.)

Her name is Ona.

The ex walked into the living room last Saturday and was a little surprised to see Ona suddenly drop her her trousers.

I forgot the tell the ex that Ona had asked me if she could change somewhere.

I probably ought to have mentioned it.


2 thoughts on “Oh No Ona

  1. Ona is a somewhat taciturn girl.
    And so far we’ve been up and awake for about 15 minutes while she cleans the bedroom.
    But she featured in one of the ex’s bad dreams and the ex woke up slightly cross with me.
    (Apparently I was hugging Ona on the bed and telling her secrets. Haha.)

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