Indian Woman – Prints and Skins

Indian Woman Portrait Print

Indian Woman Portrait Print

Prints! Skins! Good shit! The T-shirt! Go on! Click here! 

This is the final version of a little drawing from my sketch book.

I scanned in the line drawing, converted it to a vector shape in Illustrator and then imported it into Photoshop to colour it in.

I find working in Illustrator nearly impossible and extremely frustrating. I don’t understand why they can’t allow you to use the same tools and method as you do in Photoshop to create and edit vector shapes. Illustrator is so fucking non-intuitive.

I just use it for the bare minimum and then do the rest in Photoshop. I also got some textures from my favourite texture repository Lost and Taken just for good measure and used them for the background. They took a week of fiddling about, leaving it, looking at it later, then some more fiddling to get it right.

I’ve not been as prolific with my sketch book as I should be.

My rape rick drawing stalled after 2 weeks because that app project (which has been going on for over a year) finally reached its long overdue climax. Even though the client made various attempts to impede progress by changing their mind constantly. (Sigh. I can’t even bear to go into it.)

So my bosses said the other say that they wanted to have a chat with me.

“Uhm…is this a good chat or a bad chat?”

I felt dubious about this so-called ‘chat’.

“No no it’s a good chat, to discuss your work and stuff.”

“Oh good, as long as I’m not getting fired…”

They said they were very pleased that of all the people in the office I stay behind and work late and want to reward me so I keep it up etc etc.

I said since it wasn’t going to a bad chat we could have it when I come back from my holiday.

The ex said I was a dolt and I should have had the chat right then and there. The ex is constantly collaring the bosses to ‘chat’ about the ex’s inevitable world domination.

That’s all very well (working late and so on), but my illustration is being severely impeded by all this enthuness in the work department. I’ve been too tired when I come home to pick up the illustration slack even though I’ve populated my shop and have been doing stuff like this. (Digital illustration I mean)

Indian Woman iPhone Skin

Indian Woman iPhone Skin. I don’t know how many people want flowery lotus breasts on the back of their phone. Should I remove them?

I’m rather pleased with myself for colouring this in digitally. All the shapes inside the woman are vectors, so she can be stretched to fit nearly any format.

I also wanted her to be printable on colour T-shirts (I don’t know how colour prints turn out on pre-coloured T’s). So there’s a black and white line version for the green, red, blue and yellow T-shirts.  I think I’m going to buy this or the red one.

Indian Woman Line T-Shirt

Indian Woman Line T-Shirt

Indian Woman Unisex sweatshirt

Indian Woman Unisex sweatshirt

Indian Woman Laptop Skin

Indian Woman Laptop Skin

Then I was so carried away I even created a landscape version for the Laptop skins. (Which I rather preferred in the end to the portrait so I made some prints of those too.) It it cuts the boobs in half so they don’t seem so…uh…booby.

I could probably change the letter in the circle. I dunno.

Indian Woman Landscape Print

Indian Woman Landscape Print

Ooof so much effort! Reward me by promoting me, pretty please! 


17 thoughts on “Indian Woman – Prints and Skins

  1. I like her and the sweatshirt in particular. It’s just that I’m a little uncomfortable about a pair of breasts right below, well, my own. My two are enough for one torso. Rather tempted to get the laptop skin.

  2. You leave many comments… I love comments, and I will leave many comments as I begin my slow and satisfying crawl through your posts….

    Oh shit, have not tried to use Illustrator before… One of these days I will–I want to get into vector graphics, but I don’t have the cojones. Just getting into pho-shop has given me so many gray hairs.

    That’s a beautiful image that you created =) Hope your chats with the boss go fruitful…

    • For all the commenting may I reward you with the best thing I know in illustrator to super easily create vectors (Live Trace – you may know it already. I didn’t until recently. It’s an uh-amazing time saving tool. If you don’t know it here:)

      1. Do a drawing (Black and white is best)

      2. Scan it

      3. Open the jpg in illustrator

      4. Go to Object > Live Trace > Tracing Options

      5. You’ll get a pop-up – turn on preview

      6. Play with the settings until it looks good to you. Then Trace.

      7. Once your image is a vector go to > Expand to edit it

      8. If like me, you can’t use illustrator > copy the entire Vector and paste in photoshop

      9. You will get an pop-up to open this vector as > Smart Object, Pixels or Vector shape – Chose vector shape. (Smart objects are only editable in illustrator if copied from there. Pixels do not scale.)

      10. Then you can edit the shape using the path tool.

      Voila! 10 easy steps.

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