Horrifying Realizations

The disability toilet at work. Someone drew a little face on the pipes.

Horrifying Realization #1

I still don’t know exactly what email bcc does.

Horrifying Realization #2

I have no desire for a smart phone.

I’m already plugged in and social networked up to to my eyeballs. I don’t think I can handle any more.

Horrifying Realization #3

I might need to get a smart phone.

Horrifying Realization #4

I used to think (a bit like Karl Pilkinton, I’m sorry to say) that ‘Paralympics’ stood for ‘The Paraplegic Olympics’.

What? Look, it makes total sense, and ‘para’ is not exclusive to the word ‘parallel’, and I thought paraplegic somehow encompassed all disabilities. OK???

Jeeeez so judgemental….


11 thoughts on “Horrifying Realizations

  1. So what *is* the ‘parallel Olympics’? & why do we still have the regular Olympics, btw?

    I wouldn’t trust that bcc stuff; it’s like driving in reverse. You’ll click on one space & start filling in another. These things are tricky. Best just do everything manually.

    I seriously want a typewriter. I want one so bad. People will laugh but it makes all the difference just to have words appear *in print* *instantly*. It’s what I need!

    But, time to get a new printer. And pretend that’l help me somewhat.

    Glad you’re back on the case though. I was about to send out an SOS.

    • It runs parallel to the olympics and is for the disabled. In fact I wish the main Olympics would be scrapped in favour of this one.

      I just want the Olympics scrapped.

      Yeah I’m worried that bcc would backfire somehow.

      typewriters are too expensive to use. You cant find that ribbon anymore. It just makes no sense unless you are writing some kind of manuscript.
      A printer would probably make more sense. An epsom is a good one.

      • OMG–‘Epsom’?!?– you’re a longcon spammer, you! I don’t know what’s happening on your side of the pond, but Epsom is synonymous with ‘crap’ over here.

        I have an epsom beached in my closet like an electronic whale. Technically it works, but I can’t be bothered. They’re tyrants of the microchip-monitored ink cartridge that runs out in 60 pages.

        ‘unless you are writing some kind of manuscript’– oou, I like the sound of that! Yes, I want to write a manuscript!

        I’m sure I won’t get one (anytime soon) but at least they still make them. I think I could get ribbons for a Brother. I know I’d have fun with it, at least. But I suppose I should sharpen a pencil and just get to work?

        Damnit!! I hate that, ‘work’ . . . .

        • Maybe I mean Epson. Its actually very good (I don’t know how old yours is). Especially for a variety of paper widths. And reasonably non-temperamental. It uses the 4 separate colour cartridges. Thats expensive but less so that when it was an all in one and it was wasting ink

          • I never remember how it’s spelled either.

            Maybe some EU regulation mitigates this over there, but here, the cartridges are manufactured in such a way as to give false “empty”s, expire after certain dates, refuse to let you print Black if one of the Color cartridges is low, etc. etc. To some extent a measure of these vices afflicts all the printer manufacturers, but Epson/m has a ginormously bad rep here.

            My ’09 printer has a one-star average on (USA’s) amazon site. So I did choose poorly.

            Admittedly tho, shopping for a printer isn t sexy to begin with. Anyway, I hope the ones at your disposal cont. to perform acceptably.

  2. Cracked me up 😀

    BCC: thank you, the mystery is finally dead!
    Smart phone… don’t have/want one…
    Paralympics – I hadn’t heard of it until your post just now 0_0

    I’m not sure if reading this made me feel like less or more of a nincompoop, but it was fun. 😀

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