Happy New Years Eve Everyone

I don’t know why I’m bothering to wish people in a blog post since I’ve still got 3/4 back-dated posts before the 31st about the Bombay/Goa trip.

But what with the ex and Riddhi and junketing around I’ve had no time to blog.

So here. Have a New Years Eve Photo. It’ll bring you luck and riches and all that.

He’s smoking a real lit cigarette.

The kids who put the ciggy there claimed they made him.

What liars kids are.

Then they wanted money.

I didn’t give them any, and I ran away.

I don’t quite know who he’s supposed to be, but I like his style.


13 thoughts on “Happy New Years Eve Everyone

      • Ha! At first I didn’t make the connection, but then I did and I was like “oh gawd . . .Please tell me she doesn’t work for Satan!”

        Not that you need to comment one way or the other. Just blink once for ‘everything’s fine’ and two for “there are three armed people hiding in my panic room.’

        Anyway, hope it pays well!

        • hahaha she isnt satan as far as i know but then i’ve never met her.

          And i don’t work for her. I work for a company that makes apps and web stuff and does designy things. It feeds clothes and houses me so i’m fairly satisfied.

          But the app is not bad I think, it has good content.

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  3. Happy new year TRP! and if this was in Goa, they do this weird thing where they personify the old year into an old man, and set him on fire when the year ends, to welcome a new one 🙂
    Hope it was a good trip to my countryside.

    • The man was in Bombay in Juhu market, but i thought he was suitable for the new year what with his taste for booze and ciggys.
      It was a very lovely trip, a little chilled and a little partying.
      Hope you had a good xmas/ new years too

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